by Out Of Hope

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released June 12, 2011

Recorded by: Herman Hammarén and Ted Hörberg
Mixed and mastered by: Ted Hörberg



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Out Of Hope Sweden

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Track Name: All I've Got
Every passing day I see chances slip away
Potential friends and lovers, possible ways to take
I can see clear visions of how things could have been
But I just end up disappointed because it turns out differently
Why is it like that, why can´t I ever get things right?
How come this dull life is all I´ve got?

But sure my life is great, compared to those who have it worse
But that doesn´t cheer me up, It´s just unfair
So fuck the world, there´s no way to make things right
But I´m still trying, to do the best of my time
Even if this world won´t let me fulfill my wills
I will keep on fighting, I won´t give in
Because as long as my dreams are alive
I won´t die
Track Name: All There Is
I´ve learned to see the beauty in this ugly mess
I´ve found strength even on the weakest of days
I must take care of my life, before it all ends
there´s too much to see and do, to just waste it away
I´ve started to accept that this is all there is
This is life, and I´m learning to live it
Mostly it will hurt, and feel like shit
But when you have overcomed the worst
You will see it was worth it
Then you fall back again, the fight never ends
But try to stay alive, and I will do the same
Because this is all there is
Track Name: Fade Away
These words have been said so many times before,
But I will say them again
What else can i do, when this sickness never ends?
I could embrace all the good and still feel the same,
So I´ll just stay in the dark with my regrets and shame
The few things I love in life
Have soon faded away,
Faded away

Fading away, fade away...
Track Name: It All Ends
Welcome to this world, filled with fear
Overflowing with hatred, no one can see clear
So many minds in the same place,
Confusion and disillusion is all you´ll find here
Too Many people in the same place
Can only result in chaos, but no one seems to care
Until it´s too late and the collapse is near
Now there´s no way out, it all ends here

We´re fucking hopeless!
Slowly but surely we´re killing ourselves
We´re fucking doomed!
So just close you eyes,
Or face the bitter end

There´s nothing left to say
There´s nothing we can do
This monster we´ve created
Will soon be our doom