by Out Of Hope

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released October 27, 2012

Recorded by Ted Hörberg Pihl



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Out Of Hope Sweden

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Track Name: Sorrows
A collection of faults and failures is all that I´ve become. From draging year after year through this nightmare known as life. Now laying sleepless inside this tomb of mine, there´s no light in sight. How I long for the endless night.

I´m filled with sorrows - Oh this tragic life. I´m feeling hollow - Got a heart full of lies. So sick of lying to myself. So tired of trying to live with the pain.

I´m fucking done - I can´t live no more.
Soon I´ll be gone - So just let me go...
Track Name: Lungs
Left the family way behind, just thought you should know.
That I´m better of now, between well-off and poor.

False hopes and expectations of a life I´ll never live.
Monetary systems - controls and confuses me.
They´ve got an eye on us - Always knowing where I go.
Paternal yet stateless - Thats all they´ll ever know.

Society´s got a pair of lungs - Rip´em out.
Rip them out.
Track Name: Ashes
I´ve done it again, caused you more pain.
Threw it all away, got nothing left to say.

Burned what was left. Arson, ashes, death.
"I will let you down, I will make you hurt."

I don´t deserve your love.
So please leave me be.
Just stay away from me.
Track Name: East
My mind is like a condemned concrete house: Cold, dark and falling apart.
My heart is slowly pumping venom through my veins, up to my gray decaying brain.
My soul is ravaged and raw, by the raging sea keeping us apart. Keeping us apart.
My tired eyes are staring towards the east, longing for its peace.
Track Name: Melancholia
These waves of depression comes and goes.
They tear me down but I always pull through.
But for how long will I stand the storms?
My ship is leaking in, and the sails are torn.

Broken down, drained of life.
Nothing left inside, if there ever was.
I see no hope for things to change.
Just chances missed and things gone wrong.

I sink in this sea of abandoned dreams.
My tired arms can´t swim against the streams.
My mind is drowning in negative thoughts.
The ocean of Melancholy will swallow me whole.